WMH Tool Group™ lines are represented in the United States and Canada. Our brand names include JET, POWERMATIC, WILTON, PERFORMAX, COLUMBIAN, WAXMASTER, and POLISHMASTER. These brands are valued by our distributors as well as their customers.

WMH Tool Group is a subsidiary of Walter Meier Holding AG. Based in Zurich Switzerland, Walter Meier Holding AG has 1900 employees worldwide, and is listed on the SWX Swiss Exchange. In addition to its tools, woodworking and metal processing products, Walter Meier Holding AG also manufactures and distributes air conditioning and heating products.

At the heart of WMH Tool Group’s core values is a commitment to providing our customers with innovative and proprietary products. We are steadfastly committed to fostering a culture that encourages and rewards innovation by all of our associates.

Internationally, WMH Tool Group is building relationships with global distributors, retailers and manufacturers outside of the USA and Europe. We are equipped with the people, technology, scale, scope and reach to meet the challenges of today’s rapidly changing international retail and industrial distribution scene.

We are constantly developing business partnerships to supply WMH Tool Group products and services to retailers and distributors in Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, and beyond. Our goal is to expand into global markets to bring WMH Tool Group quality, dependability and experience to continents around the world.

Our woodworking tools built for the craftsman include the award-winning JET, POWERMATIC and PERFORMAX brands. From tablesaws to dust collectors, these brands are consistently recognized by publishers of woodworking magazines as being the best woodworking tools on the market today.

Our products are available at more than 1,100 dealers. We offer the most innovative tools, and a better warranty than our competitors. We value our customers and pride ourselves on the excellent rapport that we have built with them.

Industrial and Manufacturing
Our industrial woodworking machines feature POWERMATIC and PERFORMAX. These are products, known to the industry for quality, precision and power.  

We offer specialized installation, training and service on them for a wide range of use, including architectural millwork, commercial/residential furniture manufacturing, production cabinetry, and woodworking industrial and design shops.

Our industrial metalworking and metalforming line offers the quality and precision of JET and WILTON machinery. The wide range of products we offer are used by metal fabricators and manufacturers across the industries, including automotive, aerospace, and job shops.

These products are known for their dependability. Some of our metalworking products have been in use for over 60 years.

Our industrial hand tools and power tools are anchored by the JET, WILTON, COLUMBIAN, and POLISHMASTER lines. These brands encompass 4,600 separate products and accessories. End-users for these industrial tools include automotive and aerospace manufacturers, power plants, oil rigs and fields, and contractors. 

We offer strong promotional support with marketing materials and incentive programs to ensure that our distributors are successful.

For the Craftsman, Home Hobbyist or Do-It-Yourselfer
Distributors have an extensive range of products to choose from. Whether their market is targeted to professional applications in industry and specialist trades, or to the home hobbyist or craftsman, WMH Tool Group has the best tools for the job.


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